Friday, June 09, 2006

I'm secretly delighted

that sites like this exist. Such dedication. Actually, if you look very closely at the pictures, there's some impressive attention to detail going on the "football museum" as well. Not only are the balls preserved in glass boxes (a luxury not even afforded to Michaelangelo's David, so far as I'm aware), but they've also all been given a small patch of grass to rest on. Nice touch.

(For the record, my favoutrite is the 1982 ball. Nice.)


colin said...

Ace. I was looking at that site about a month ago, looking for a picture of the old classic adidas balls, but they didn't have any of that gubbins then.

The '82 model is the first ball I ever owned. I'm deeply suspicious of the last couple.

twohundredpercent said...

As i texted into BBC Interactive whilst drunk during England-France in Euro 2004 (under the pseudonym "Ken From Pimlico" - look out for more over the next few weeks): "silver footballs & black goalnets? IT'S LIKE WATCHING FOOTBALL ON MARS".

I followed up with to the extent that referee's should have a pink card for if the players do anything particularly gay. This will one day be put in my autobiography with it's own chapter called "The Only Time I Ever Made Steve Claridge Laugh".

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