Friday, June 09, 2006

How I Amuse Myself When I Have Nothing Better To Do

I had an appointment this morning, and had to wait a while for it, so whilst sitting there I was wondering what I could put on here this morning. I really want to get my World Cup review things right (you'll find that they'll get more anecdotal as time goes on), and I haven't really got time for that today, so I needed something else. So... I'm going to offer my predictions (a bit later), but I thought I'd share a brief time-killing game I thought up for myself to pass a brief few minutes. It's pretty simple. List all 32 World Cup finals entrants, and sum them up in two words. I might forward this to the Foreign Office, should they need a quick and easy test to filter virulent xenophobes out of their recruitment process. Anyway, here's what I came up with:

Germany: Ruthlessly efficient
Poland: Zbignieuw Boniek
Costa Rica: Coffee plantations
Ecuador: Nice flag
England: Not AGAIN
Sweden: Ljungberg's hair
Paraguay: Lunatic goalkeeper
Trinidad & Tobago: Jamaica Lite
Argentina: Serial cheats
Holland: Always in-fighting
Ivory Coast: Dark horses
Serbia & Montenegro: Unwieldly name
Mexico: Sombrero hats
Angola: In Africa?
Iran: Internationally isolated
Portugal: Long hair
Italy: Hate penalties
Ghana: Military government
USA: Hate "soccer"
Czech Republic: Possibly robots
Brazil: Samba football
Croatia: Checked shirts
Australia: Football kangaroos
Japan: Tiny. Tiny.
France: Racial tension
Switzerland: Cuckoo clocks
South Korea: One off
Spain: Constant failure
Ukraine: Orange revolution
Tunisia: Tunis cakes
Saudi Arabia: Oil money

I think it says more about me than it does about any of the competing countries. Sadly.


fifa2006 said...

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Anyway,Thank you for your site about world cup site and By the way,I’d like to exchange message with you,and nice weekend

Nickname of team
Angola: Palancas Negras (Black Antelopes)
Argentina: Albicelestes (White-Sky Blues)
Australia: Socceroos
Brazil: Seleçao Canarinho (Canary Selection)
Costa Rica: Ticos (from the local linguistic habit of creating diminutives by adding “tico” instead of “tito” to the end of words)
Croatia: Vatreni (the Fiery Ones)
Czech Republic: Lokomotiva (the Locomotive, rarely used)
Ecuador: La Tri (Tricolors)
England: Three Lions (rarely used)
France: Les Bleus (Blues)
Germany: Die Nationalmannschaft (National Team)
Ghana: Blacks Stars
Iran: Team Melli (National Team)
Italy: Azzurri (Blues)
Ivory Coast: Les Eléphants (Elephants)
Japan: Blues
Mexico: El Tri (Tricolors)
Netherlands: Oranje (the Orange)
Paraguay: La Albirroja (White-Red)
Poland: Bialo-Czerwoni (White-Reds)
Portugal: Seleçao das Quinas (Selection of the Shields)
Saudi Arabia: Al Akhdar (the Green)
Serbia and Montenegro: Plavi (Blues)
South Korea: Reds
Spain: La Furia Roja (the Red Fury)
Sweden: Blagult (Blue-Gold)
Switzerland: Die Eidgenossen (the Oath Comrades)
Togo: Les Eperviers (Sparrow Hawks)
Trinidad and Tobago: Soca Warriors
Tunisia: Les Aigles de Carthage (Carthage Eagles)
Ukraine: Zbirna/Sbornaya (Selection, in Ukrainian and Russian)
United States: None, really, but we’ve been using Yanks and Amerks.

Dr Han (Super football fans)
PAIN IN BRISTOL-- www.backachetherapy.co.uk

twohundredpercent said...


i've had some booze.

tiexano said...

I'm not sure how "The national team" counts as nickname. I guess nicknames are just not ruthless efficient enough. Then again the first two words that come in my mind concerning the english team are penalty and orbit. hehe.

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