Friday, March 07, 2008

The Texas Link Repository

It's Friday night and I'm feeling lazy, so here's a quick look at the rest of the internet this week.

- After what I can only describe as "too long", the venerable magazine When Saturday Comes has finally given its web site a much-needed lick of paint. There will be daily daily blog posts on there, to go with their spiffy new weekly newsletter. Heartily recommended.

- The FSF are still pretty angry about the Premier League's Game 39 proposal, and they appear to have chosen my piece on it as a link from their website. I am flattered and surprised in roughly equal measures (and I haven't gone back yet to see if all of the spelling and grammar was okay - for all I know the wider football public now knows me as "that bloke that occasionally types 'and' three times in succession in the same sentence and uses way too many commas"). More on this next week, by the way.

- A quick appeal, here. If you know of any decent, independent web sites that are specific to one club, let me know and I will add them to the links on the right-hand side of this page. I think that the list is looking a little sparse, but I really don't have time to go looking at the moment.

- Just Like My Dreams has an excerpt from the absolutely outstanding "The Damned United", based upon Brian Clough's attempt to buy Bobby Moore and Trevor Brooking. A worthwhile taster to an excellent book, which you can get from here.

- Joining AFC Liverpool is cheaper than MyFootballClub or saving for a £5,000 share through Rogan Taylor's scheme (although they have apparently been pledged £82m, not a bad sum, all told).

- And finally, a few pieces by the Wing Commander. Essential reading.


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