Monday, February 04, 2008

The Final Baker & Kelly

Well, it has only taken three months, but the final Baker & Kelly radio show from 2002 is here. You can download it here. The complete list of files is here - you can access any of them by adding the name to this: http://www.twohundredpercent.co.uk/bk/ - so, for example, the top one would read:


and typing it into the address bar on your browser. Any questions, just ask!


Harry said...


Many thanks for publishing these shows, they have made many a commute more bearable.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting these up mate.

May your hat forever be jauntily balanced on the side of your head, sir.

Ahmed Bilal said...


Just a note to tell you that your blog was nominated for 'Best Blog You've Never Heard Of' ( http://soccerlens.com/the-best-blog-youve-never-heard-of-soccerlens-2007-awards/5636/ ) and 'Best Blogger' ( http://soccerlens.com/the-best-blogger-soccerlens-2007-awards/5623/ ) at the Soccerlens 2007 Awards ( http://soccerlens.com/soccerlens-2007-awards/5603/ ).

I hope that you will blog about it and get your readers to vote for you. Do see the other categories as well since there are several top-notch blogs listed there.


Anonymous said...

Just another anonymous non-blogger thanking you for the splendid B&K files. Much obliged and if I ever stop you in a Brighton pub there'll be a pint of Harveys in it for you.

Anonymous said...

Spot you, not stop you, that would be creepy and wrong.

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for posting these - my drive to work was an uncommon pleasure these past weeks thanks to you.


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