Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Baker & Kelly Offline

Now seems like as appropriate moment as any to do this, so I might as well do it now. As most of you are probably aware, the Baker & Kelly podcasts of the last few weeks have come to a shuddering halt with this announcement on their website. I do have an opinion on this (perhaps unsurprisingly), and I'll be putting up a link to that later on, although I'm not posting it on here because it's not strictly football-related. In the meanwhile, I'll put this up, so that you can access all the vintage Baker & Kelly that you need. These are the filenames for the folder that all of the MP3s of their shows are in (there are about five still to be uploaded - I'll get onto that in the new year). You can't click on these (it's just a screen-grab), but it you type:


And then type the last bit on the end of it - so that, for example, the top one reads:


And, hey presto! More Baker & Kelly than you can shake a stick at.

Edit: Okay, my thoughts on the subject can be seen here, should you be interested.


sp3ktor said...

Well of course, if anyone needs a podcast to fill the void...

total sport man said...

sorry...I'm technologically challenged and struggling to work out exactly where I have to type the address to get the mp3's off the list? Any chance of a real idiots guide?

Vale the Baker and Kelly podcast. Sadly missed...

200percent said...

Okay, type this:


into your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox or whatever), then type the name of the file on the picture (you can't copy and paste them) onto the end of them, and hit "enter".

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