Sunday, November 18, 2007

First, As Ever, With The News

I'm only a month late on this, but the news that Adidas have released a ball for the upcoming African Cup of Nations in Ghana has only just reached me. If I was feeling particularly unkind, I'd describe it as "flamboyant", but at least you can't say that they're not radical. The flip side to this coin is that, well, it looks as if this will be exceptionally difficult for the players to even see. Not satisfied with having made the balls so light that they couldn't make them any lighter without inflating them with helium, Adidas appear to now be trying to camouflage them. Seriously - of all the colours of the spectrum, green would surely be one that you would leave off the design of a football. Still, it should make things interesting.

Ballhype: hype it up!


Tom said...

I'm not much of a traditionalist in general, but if I were being unkind, I'd call it things like "garish" and "hideous".

Bet Blogger said...

I think that this is THE worst football I have ever seen. How on earth can you put that many colours into a ball - it's ridiculous. Smacks of designers (who are prob paid loads and have barely kicked a ball in their lives) sitting there going what can I waste my afternoon coming up with today? I know this piece of godawful rubbish. I honestly cannot believe Adidas think this is a good football design - it's truly hideous. Green, clashing with the pitch? I ask you.

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