Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday Night Baker & Kelly

We're coming to the end of this run of Baker & Kelly shows from 1998 - there just three left after tonight's edition. However, there will still be 9 episodes of "Baker & Kelly Up Front" from 2002 after this little run has finished. Anyway, here are tonight's two episodes:



Several years ago, a guy called John Bourn wrote a definitive history of football on regional ITV and stuck it up on the internet. It sat on my favourites for ages, and somehow or other it never got linked from this site. The last time I checked up, it had gone (it was hosted on the web space of Newcastle University, and I can only presume that he left there at some point and it merely expired). I managed to rescue it via the Wayback Machine and, having had a look around on the net trying to find him (to no avail), I've decided to take it upon myself to host it up on here over the next few weeks or so, embellished with a few video and MP3 links. So there's something to look forward to.


Pete E said...

I would recommend Baker and Kelly to anyone looking to liven up their podcast list. A superb double act who sit proudly at the top of the Podcast download list

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