Sunday, October 07, 2007

Sunday Lunch

Two of the great dilemmas of my week are what to have for lunch - particularly when I am, as I am now, sitting on the sofa wrapped in a duvet. Anyway, I thought I'd take a quick moment to doff my cap to the England and France rugby union teams for dumping Australia and New Zealand out of the Rugby World Cup. They'll pretend that they didn't really care anyway, but we all know the truth.

There'll be some sort of full round up of the weekend's football on here later on today. I'm putting it back because the Premier League is, due to involvement in European football this week, largely playing this afternoon (Manchester United played yesterday, as did Aston Villa and West Ham United - neither of whom are likely to be troubling Europe again for the time being). To keep you entertained this afternoon, however, here's some more Baker & Kelly from the 17th October 1998.




Peter Wing-Guard said...

As Always.Many Thanks

banny daker said...

It is really strange how the new B&K shows intermingle so well with the old ones. I am just now listening to the 5th Oct show (2007) having just finished the 1730 3rd Oct show (1998) and the new one mentions Brian Kilkline halfway through and his house filled with mannequins after he'd moved from his houseboat. What show featured the call about his mansion and houseboat? Why it was the 3rd Oct 1998 show.

200percent said...

It's also worth pointing out that Walsall aren't the only club with uPVC dugouts:


These are from AFC Sudbury, who also have uPVC turnstiles and a uPVC disabled area.

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