Thursday, October 18, 2007

Silent Night

A few small announcements, this evening. First of all, I've opened a special email account just for this little blog. Look! There it is! On the right-hand side of this page! Now you can email me with any queries, questions, insults or suggestions. Anything you like, basically. A nice man has already emailed me to ask me if I'd like to buy some cheap Viagra. Secondly, you'll notice all sorts of buttons around here now. I said that was going to pimp this place up, and I wasn't joking. Anyway, press them. I've got no idea what half of them do.

Finally, here's your Thursday fill of Baker & Kelly from 1998 - the 21st November, this time. Only four of these to go after this one, but never fear - there'll be nine episodes of "Baker & Kelly Up Front" from BBC Radio 5 Live in 2002 to follow, which will keep you entertained for a little while longer. And in response to the people that have asked me when I'm going to put these all in an open directory, the answer is "soon, daddio".



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