Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Midweek Blues

It's a very quiet week, this week, with only some Johnstones's Paint Trophy matches last night. That's the Auto Windscreens Shield in old money. Has it got an official name? Answers on a postcard, please. Tonight, there are four FA Trophy replays (Aveley vs Ilford, FC United Of Manchester vs Bradford Park Avenue, Newcastle Blue Star vs Woodley Sports and Redbridge vs Bury Town, on the off-chance that you care) and, well, that's just about your lot. So, while I'm unwinding and having a bite to eat, here's some more Baker & Kelly from October 1998. I've just got the one episode of this one (for all I know, the morning edition was cancelled to make sure for live Trivial Pursuit from Dudley). I'm still working on an open directory of these, by the way.

17.30 - 31st October 1998


Corporal Clot - BK Army said...

Did I read earlier that you were going to put Baker and Kelly Up front on next?I hate to think we arte coming up to the end of all this....

Clot again said...

Whoops I mis read that as being the penultimate upload...Bloody Stella

200percent said...

There are another 8 episodes of this still to go (though a couple of them are only a morning or afternoon slot - either the original capper lost interest, or Talk Radio's interest in the show was already starting to wane).

After that, there will be nine episodes of "Baker & Kelly Up Front" - each about 45-60 minutes long - from 2002. When they're done, I'll either zip them up in one folder for you to do with as you wish, or (as I have mentioned before) put them in an open directory.

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