Thursday, October 11, 2007

Manchester United Get Savaged, Plus More Baker & Kelly

A double treat for you to finish off the evening. First up, another truncated edition of Baker & Kelly, from the 6th November 1998 (the first fifteen minutes of the evening edition are missing).



In addition to that, how about Manchester United getting a hiding at the hands of Ipswich Town? United went to Portman Road in 1980 with Ipswich challenging for the First Division championship, and they contrived to get an absolute thrashing here. Commentary by my mate Gerry Harrison (only long-term readers will get that reference).

Ballhype: hype it up!


A BK Addict said...

Back late July The Baker was heavily prmoting his new ALL DAY BREAKFAST SHOW Podcasts ,which were pretty much miniature versions of his Shows.Webite up big launch then the announcement about paying etc..Suddenly the turnaround! KELLY returns! and the ADBS shuts down, Farewell Team...
I ponder what might have happened.Someone somewhere ( and I dont buy it was teletext Alex alone)said "Right sod all That" MORE people like Baker & Kelly" or did they?...Anyway,in the opening intro to podcast 2 DB says "We are your crack" Man heez got that right.

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