Sunday, September 23, 2007

Themes Of The Unexpected

It's probably fair to say that I have developed a bit of a "thing" for football on the television. I also think that it's fair to say that quite a lot of you lot have as well. I put a load of links to the TV themes from football shows from over the years up on here last year, and even now a decent amount of the traffic to this place comes from people looking for this, that or the other. I'd never got around, however, to putting it all in one place until now. You can download this 90 megabyte pack via Rapidshare here. It's a .rar file, so use Winrar to unpack it.

The track listing is as follows: ABC Wide World Of Sports (from the USA, no less), BBC Snooker, Grandstand (the original and the more famous updated version), It's A Knockout, Match Of The Day (the original and an updated version), Pot Black, Rugby Special, Ski Sunday, Sport On Two (that's BBC Radio 2, for our confused overseas readers), Sports Report, Sportsview, Sportsnight, Star Soccer, Superstars, The Big Match (versions from 1970, 1974 and 1980), The Match (ITV's live football show from the late 1980s), World Of Sport and World Cup themes from 1966 to 2002 (including the ITV theme from Italia '90, which is making is debut here). I know that they're not all football music, but I figured that I'd just put them in anyway. This week, we'll have be having a look at some video highlights from down the years (BBC, ITV, Sky Sports & World Cups), so tune in for those too.

Finally, here's some Baker & Kelly from the 12th of September 1998. More of that to follow later in the week, too.


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