Sunday, September 30, 2007

Items Of Significance

I'm certain that there is some sort of significance to the following results:

Chelsea 0-0 Fulham
Birmingham City 0-1 Manchester United
West Ham United 0-1 Arsenal
Wigan Athletic 0-1 Liverpool
Portsmouth 7-4 Reading

I haven't quite worked out what it is yet, though.


Anonymous said...

Well work it out and let us know, you pretentiously anti-elitist, conference/non-league football loving cunt.

Stouffer said...

Blimeh, you bandy anti-elitist about like it's an actual insult. Damn you 200% for writing about something you love for no profit whatsoever. FUCKING DAMN YOU!

200percent said...

Obviously, I am cowed by the bravery of someone prepared to post that sort of thing up anonymously on the comments section of a blog. It takes a real man to do that.

I considered removing the post, but came to the conclusion that the writer had said more about himself (and, indeed, put it more eloquently) than I ever could.

andrew said...

wow that bloke's got some serious problems... a w***** if i've ever seen one.... maybe he should leave his mum's basement some time.

just voicing my support for this great blog.

sportsfreak said...


Is Tabloid Wayne now posting on this blog??

Good work for leaving it up 200; I'm sure it's provided many with a good chuckle.

discostu said...

Anyway, my dad is bigger than his dad, so could have his dad in a fight.
Ive got to go now, my mums calling me in for my tea.

Ed said...

The important part of any venture is to find the correct audience. The audience, of course, have the similar responsiblity to bugger off if something upsets them.

They often forget this. A fact which never fails to delight me.

That said, it doesn't beat my favourite one of the comments on your blog, the indignant Whitehawk gay rights campaigner. That bloke was the most forward-thinking and progressive thinker in Whitehawk, ever.

sp3ktor said...

I think you can safely say you've arrived.

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