Sunday, August 05, 2007

Ouch. My Head.

There will be a report on (what I saw of) Saturday's match between AFC Wimbledon and FC United of Manchester up on here by tomorrow, but I need to take a couple of days out to recover from it all. In the mean time, here's the next instalment of the Baker & Kelly radio shows from Talk Sport in 1998.




My Caller said...

I looked up something from the 4th April 11:30 show - http://200percent.blogspot.com/2007/07/baker-kelly-4th-april-2007.html

At 24 mins in we hear a guy from N. Ireland who had put £1000 on Torquay being promoted at 100-1. So £100,000 awaited him at the end of the season. As of 4th April they were 2nd with a game in hand.


Had the team won a point in their final game of the season at Leyton Orient, they would have gone up automatically, but they lost the game 2-1. An emphatic 7-2 (on aggregate) victory over Scarborough in the semi-final, including 4 goals from star striker Rodney Jack, resulted in Torquay United's third appearance at Wembley. However, United lost 1-0 to Colchester United in the Wembley final.

The poor guy must rue the day he told someone else about the bet before it was certain.

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