Monday, July 09, 2007

Video Time!

Just a quickie tonight. This month's edition of "When Saturday Comes" plopped through my letterbox this morning, and amongst the insightful and informative articles about this year's Copa Del Rey Final (that's the Spanish Cup, for those amongst you currently scratching your heads), Crystal Palace's attempts to break the US market (yes, that Crystal Palace) and just how much of an arsehole Graeme Souness could be, there was a review of a video about the formation of FC United called "Manchester Disunited". Through the magical powers of the internet, you can see it free of charge. It's a little light on the details of how the club was formed, but it shines a valuable light on the dislocation that so many people feel towards the Premier League. I strongly suggest watching it. You can see it here.


Anonymous said...

Although a very intriguing video this is just propaganda for FC United Of Manchester.

matsimpsk said...

That presenter makes my teeth itch.

matsimpsk said...

Actually, he reminds me a bit of http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=9Ufc8bnD8DE

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