Saturday, February 24, 2007

Saturday Morning Fever

Good morning! I have to work this morning, then it's off to AFC Wimbledon vs Billericay Town this afternoon. First up, apologies to anyone that has ended up here looking for TV theme tunes - we're having a small problem with our domain (the biannual "forgetting to renew our domain name", in case you were wondering - it's turning into something of a tradition round these parts) - it should be sorted out within a couple of days or so, so do check back. In lieu of that, here's a nice pair of Bristols for you. By that, I mean a West Country derby from 1990 between Bristol Rovers and Bristol City, complete with someone chanting "you're just a bunch of wankers". Lovely.


curranhung said...

Weren't you at the match against Bromley? You're getting to be a regular! I'm going to the AFC Wimbledon v Billericay match too, so see you there. Let's hope the match is as good as the last home game.

Twohundredpercent said...

We're going out in South London tonight, so it seems convenient - I can't get up to St Albans in time for a 3.00 kick-of because of work!

Anonymous said...

OK, so tell us what you, as an unbiased observer, thought of the match and, in particular, who you thought was at fault in the rather unseemly fracas between Billy's goalkeeper and our Roscoe DSane.

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