Thursday, December 28, 2006

Quiz Time!

Well, you know how it is. You're sitting around the office on the week between Christmas and the New Year with nothing to do, just wishing that someone would cobble together a ridiculously fiendish football quiz that you can just spend half an hour Googling the answers for... and here it is. Thirty questions, including ten football stadia to identify. The winner will get a magnificent prize (by which I mean I haven't decided what it will be yet, but it will include a DVD with hours and hours and hours of random football on it), and the runners-up will get... ummm... my eternal love and gratitude, or something. Email your answers to twohundredpercent at hotmail dot com by Friday the 5th of January, and I'll stick the results up as soon as I've worked out who has won. If no-one enters at all, you all have to send me something (which seems about fair). Normal rules for this sort of thing apply - my decision is final, and so on and so forth. Note: for the picture section (11-20), I want the name of the ground and the team (or teams) that play there.

1. Who has been the only person (so far) to captain the England football team and manage a team in the European Cup Final?

2. Ten First Division matches were played on Boxing Day in 1966 - how many goals were scored in those ten matches?

3. Who are the current holders of the Unofficial World Cup?

4. Which team played their first ever match against Exeter City in 1914?

5. The Football League blocked the merger of which two clubs in 1987?

6. Everybody knows that Herbert Chapman persuaded to change the name of a London Underground station to "Arsenal" during his period as The Gunners' manager, but what was it called beforehands?

7. Which team's first kit was all black with a startling red diagonal sash across the shirts?

8. Which match was played between Renton and Cambuslang in 1888?

9. Which are the only two teams to have won the Nationwide Conference twice without getting promoted?

10. Which of the 92 Football League clubs has the longest name?

11. Where is this?

Where is this?

Where is this?

Where is this?

Where is this?

Where is this?

Where is this?

18. Where is this?

Where is this?

Where is this?

21. Who advertised themselves as an electrician in Coventry City's 1983-84 match programmes?

22. Which is the only team in the Premiership, Football League or Scottish League club whose name contains the letter "j"?

23. Which is the only English League club not to have a geographical name?

24. What was the name of the official mascot of the 2006 World Cup?

25. Who played their first full international match against Scotland in November 1972?

26. Which Premiership or Football League team has the ground nearest to the River Mersey?

27. Who is the only English player to have won two winners medals for the European Cup with different clubs?

28. In what year was the last English top flight football match played on Christmas Day?

29. Who was the only Englishman involved in the 2006 World Cup Final?

30. Who are the four players to have scored scored goals in two World Cup finals?

That should keep you all occupied for a couple of hours.


Mauricio said...

Hi Ian, I had to google a little bit. Thanx for the 'insonia' quiz. regards

Jen said...

Something for me to do at work today, huzzah!

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