Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Fifty Of The Best

Well, it finished 0-0. One player per side sent off, and 1,900 there to see it (for those of you that wonder about this sort of thing, that was quite a decent crowd). I'm going to get myself thoroughly drunk before I repeat the whole sordid exercise on Saturday (it's getting too close to pay day to spunk upwards on £50.00 on non-league football). Tomorrow evening, I'll have a quick look forward to England's completely meaningful (and brilliantly scheduled) friendly against Greece, as well as whatever other equally meaningful (and equally brilliantly scheduled) friendlies FIFA have got lined up for us.

In lieu of having much else of any interest to say for now, I'll leave you with this compilation from Youtube, which claims to be "The 50 Greatest Goals Ever". I'm not certain whether it's true or not (I'm not sure that it's even possible to narrow it down to just fifty), but it's an enjoyable enough way to waste twenty minutes or so and, if we're completely honest with each other, we never really get bored with watching this sort of thing, do we?


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