Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A Couple Of Further Messages...

A week or two ago, I put something on here relating to carrying this on after the World Cup has finished. Now, I don't mean to sound too pushy, but I am still looking for some assistance - I have (I think) a couple of people on board, but anybody else seeking to contribute would be most welcome to join us in out crusade (I should point out that this is not a literal Crusade, of course). My email address is in my profile.

Also, should you come across any links that you think are worthy of my attention, feel free to send them on to me. I have a few things lined up for when this is over, but I'm sure that I've only seen around about one millionth of a per-cent of all the football-related gubbins out there on the interweb. The geekier the better, obviously.

Finally, I'm after your suggestions. What should we put on here? A messageboard? Should we continue with the "Blog" format, or should I try something different? And should I try to move away from the paraphenalia of the game and towards something altogether more prosaic? All suggestions are welcome.


Ed said...

I think it would be best as a blog with a few different contriubtors, with emphasis on the different. Different styles, reportage, humour, analysis, mockery, pictures etc.

It'd be like having a living WSC, so waiting a month for the real thing will cease aching. A bit.

However, it must be remembered, I am thick.

colin said...

Do you remember You're The Ref? You should have that with Graham Poll.

discostu said...

Eds right. Anyway, i like your writing style.
I'd be happy to help, but i'm not sure what if anything i could do that would warrant people reading it!

Moore said...

For christ's sake don't have a messageboard. There's enough of those full of freaks and weirdoes already.

This format is nice. Various contributors would work well too. Keep it to no more than 2 posts a day though I reckon, and have both a minimum and maximum word limit.

I'd be happy to talk shit occasionally, I've been looking for something internetty to do.

twohundredpercent said...

Suggestions noted: I have your email addresses and/or MSN log-ins and will contact you in the fullness of time.

(No internet access at home due to Nildram making a hash of the LLU, in case you were wondering - I'll put the bits and pieces regarding last night on here last night later, with a bit of luck)

K said...
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K said...

Stuff like this.: The fewd brews:



Not sure if you can laugh at this one.:

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