Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Perfect Result

Trinidad & Tobago 0-0 Sweden

From a jingoistically English perspective, we couldn't have asked for much more than this. Trinidad have lost a man for a game. Sweden have now got something of a mountain to climb, and could be out by the time they play England next Saturday. And, as per the post below this one, England now only need a win on Tuesday night to secure their passage into the knock-out stages.

It was, of course, a fantastic result for Trinidad & Tobago. Sweden didn't play well, and missed far too many chances to suggest that they are going to make the sort of major impact on these finals that many people seem to think they will. Trinidad were defensively well-organised, though they did rely on profligate finishing from the Swedes and a once in a lifetime performace from Shaka Hislop, who only started because regular first choice Kelvin Jack injured himself in the warm-up.

Trinidad did, of course, break away a couple of times and contrived to hit the crossbar, but for them to have snatched a win would have been utterly unfair on a clearly superior Swedish side. Sweden have learnt a lesson, and they've learnt it the hard way: you can't waste a dozen chances and expect to win at this level of football. Not even against the tournament's rank outsiders. They need to pick their jaws up off the floor and put in a considerably improved performance against Paraguay, another team with, on the evidence that we've seen, limited attacking ambitions. As for Trinidad, they've given themselves a terrific chance. Regardless of their result against England, they'll still be in contention going into their final match, and considering what was being said about them before the tournament kicked off, that's something of an achievement in itself.


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