Thursday, June 08, 2006

Good Morning Britain!

Good morning everybody. As I have pointed out in the comments below, I was unable to put anything on here last night, as Blogger imploded on itself for a few hours. Anyway, I've updated the wallpaper with yet another effort from Spacky Dotmund, who I imagine will, by this time tomorrow, will be bouncing around his living room like a child that has been injected with Sunny Delight.

In other news, I've decided to withdraw the post about our relationship with our Caledonian neighbours. There's been a robust debate on it and, having re-read it, I have decided that I don't want it on here. In short, but I didn't word it terribly well. This blog isn't about arguing over such things (there are plenty of places on the internet to have meaningless rows in, and I don't particularly want this to become one of them).

Anyway, I have quite a lot of work-related stuff to get on with this this morning, so I'll leave you with something that was pointed my way by the very lovely Ed (Bleepbloop, for those of you that are aware of him). It's a Firefox Football Plug-In that brings up the scores from the top matches. No idea whether it works or not yet, but I have now got the England and Paraguay flags in the corner of my screen, which is, well, a diversion. A perfect accompaniment to all those wallcharts and free guides that you've been collecting in the newspapers.


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