Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A Few Things Before I Go To Bed:

First of all, here's a picture of Ronaldo binge-eating Bratwurst in a futile attempt to come to terms with the fact that he is now officially rubbish at football. It was made for me by my friend Gaz. I'll ask him to make some more, but whether he will or not is open to debate. I hope he does, because they're really rather splendid.

Also, it has been drawn to my attention that FIFA appear to have sanctioned the use of some sort of "Gay Anthems" CD. At half-time during South Korea-Togo, the teams came back out while "Go West" was playing over the tannoy system. Then tonight, during Brazil-Croatia, it was "I Will Survive". I look forward to David Beckham lifting the trophy of July 9th to the strains of "Jolene".

Finally, I (and a couple of others) are semi-demi-considering expanding this theme and doing a full-on blog-cum-site after all of this World Cup nonsense is over. My email address is in my profile, should you be interested in helping out in any way. The same goes for suggestions and so on, obviously. Ah - there was one other thing. There's a little map in the footer of this page now, which is a hit counter that shows how many people are looking at this place, and where they come from. It's very clever, even if I say so myself. 64 people in the first day it was on here. This isn't, I fully appreciate, very many people, but I haven't been spamming it very much. I may do more over time. But tell your friends anyway! Not my family, though. There's far too much swearing on here for that.


Ed said...

I know somewhere you can get silly pictures. I'll leave the words to you and Coco.

twohundredpercent said...


I didn't think you'd bother.

Actually, I need to start hassling young Gareth about that.

discostu said...

I'm not sure i'm erudite enough but can probably fill the shearer/wright roles, depending on mood.
You should spam it in the comments on the beebs WC blog/footy365 forums etc

colin said...

I need a picture of a grown man who lives in Spain being surprised by it being warm in June.

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